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Oct 15, 2020Garden

Gardening attracts new devotees year after year. While Baby Boomers may spend more on gardening than any other demographic, even millennials are getting on the gardening bandwagon.

A 2016 National Gardening Survey from the National Gardening Market Research Company found the average amount spent on backyard or balcony gardening projects exceeded $400 per household. More than $36 billion was spent in 2015, and the vast majority of the six million “new” gardening households belonged to millennials.

When it comes to outfitting a gardening shed, gardeners will not want to be without certain tools and gear.

  • Digging shovel: A rounded-blade digging shovel is needed to plant shrubs and trees as well as to excavate areas in a landscape.
  • Rake: A rake can be used to clear the ground, remove thatch and leaves from a lawn and level soil in a garden bed.
  • Hand tools: Hand tools, such as a hand fork and trowel, are essential for small digging jobs, especially when working with flower pots or containers.
  • Edging spade: This flat-blade shovel is handy to have around because of its versatility. Edging spades can slice turf, edge gardens and cut through roots.
  • Pruners: Sharpened pruners can cut through stems and branches effortlessly.
  • Hose: Choose a high-quality hose that is lightweight and durable, as hoses will always be necessary.

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