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Poop Pals Lawn Care
Poop Pals Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance

Did you know grass clippings are made up of about 75% water and that if you cut too much of a blade of grass at a time you can prevent the photosynthesis process from occurring effectively?

That’s why using a a professional like PoopPals to maintain your lawn and turf is vital to a sharp looking lawn!

Mowing Consistency is Essential

Lawns look the best when maintained on a regular basis, including lawn mowing.  In addition to making  your lawn look great, it also encourages stronger, natural growth of your turf, combat pests and weeds and maximize the amount of sun and hydration your lawn receives.

It’s all in the Details



Side walks, walkways and driveways deserve fine, trimmed edges



Trees, bushes and fences need just as much attention too



A finished look requires clean concrete – plus pushing clippings back to the turf provides extra nutritents!

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