Herb garden centerpiece

Oct 14, 2020Garden

Fresh herbs can transform the flavor of favorite recipes and add a fresh spark to one’s palate when used during cooking or as a garnish. People who may not have the space or the inclination to create an outdoor garden should know that many herbs can be grown successfully indoors. Small in size compared to outdoor gardens, indoor herb gardens can be grown on a windowsill. Indoor herb gardens also can be housed in decorative containers, serving double-duty as living centerpieces on kitchen or dining room tables. Start by finding a container that fits your decor. Punch holes in the bottom, if necessary, to allow for proper drainage. Line the bottom of the container with gravel or perlite to help with drainage, then top with potting soil. Position small herb plants and fill in with extra potting soil. Sage, thyme, dill, and rosemary are good starters, but any herbs will do. Add a top-dressing of peat moss to assist with water retention and help the plants thrive. Place the container in your desired location and enjoy the welcoming aromas and fresh herbs at your fingertips.

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