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Pet waste removal is a fairly new service for pet owners even though people having been complaining about poop for years, so here’s what we get asked the most.

How often do you recommend services?

Generally, once or twice per week.  It depends on several things like the area you have for your poopers, their size, how much they eat and things like that.  We can also do one time cleanings or customize a schedule just for you.  It’s easy to get a recommendation – just fill out our quote request and we’ll let you know what we think!

Do you stop service in the winter?

Nope!  Your pooper doesn’t stop, so neither do we.  We offer our pet waste removal service all year

Do you pick up poop in the rain?

Sometimes – it depends on how bad it is.  A little rain is no problem at all, but if it is a steady, hard continuous rain we may call off services for the day.

Do we have to be home when you come?

Nope!  We just ask that the yard is accessible.  If you have a gate it needs to be unlocked (and unfrozen in the winter) or provide us with an access code or key.  We’re happy to work with you to make sure your home and property is secure while providing us access.

How do we know its you in our yard?

That’s pretty easy!  You’ll always see one of our trucks with the Poop Pals logo on the side and the crew in Poop Pals gear.

Can the dogs be out while you're here?

Absolutely – we love our furry friends!  If your pet can be on the aggressive side, we’re also more than happy to stop by for a meet and greet so they get to know us and us them.

Are you insured?

Of course!

How do we know we'll be satisfied?

Our services are 100% guaranteed.  If you’re ever dissatisfied with your service for any reason, all you have to do is give us a quick call and we’ll work through it with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Can you service apartment buildings or housing groups?

We currently service both apartment buildings and housing groups.  If you’re a tenant and want service for your pet, please complete a quote request.  If you’re a building owner or manager, please give a us a call at (563)272-1332.

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