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Oct 13, 2020Lawn

Many an amateur landscaper has encountered grubs while tending to their lawns, but even the most attentive green thumber may have a lawn infested with grubs and not know it. According to the pest and weed experts at RoundupĀ®, grubs often go unnoticed until late summer, when they’ve already done substantial damage to a lawn. Oddly enough, one of the telltales signs of a grub infestation is not the grubs themselves but the animals looking to dine on them. Fully grown grubs make for hearty meals, so homeowners who notice raccoons, skunks, armadillos, and/or birds digging up their lawns may have a grub infestation. That’s because these unwanted guests like to dine on mature grubs who have spent summer feasting on organic matter in the soil. Another sign of a possible grub infestation is a lawn that feels spongy when stepped on. Patches of dead grass that peel back easily are a sign that grubs have eaten the roots that keep healthy grass in place.

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