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Oct 13, 2020Lawn

Many lawns contain a mixture of the roughly one dozen types of different grasses. According to the lawn care experts at Scotts®, knowing which type of grass they have in their yard can help homeowners more effectively manage and care for their lawns. But with so many lawns containing a mixture of grasses, how can homeowners know exactly what’s making up that green carpet in their yards? Scotts® notes that lawns typically fall into one of two categories: warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses. Warm-season grasses are those that thrive in regions where the climate tends to be especially warm, such as the southern United States. Cool-season grasses are those that are at their best in climates that experience extreme temperature fluctuations. For example, cool-season grasses are most likely to be found in the northern United States, as much of this area of the country experiences cold winters and warm, and in some places very hot, summers. Homeowners who are uncertain about which type of grass they have can consult a lawn care professional for advice. Homeowners who learn which type of grass is in their yard can use that information to determine how frequently they should mow and water their lawns and which type of fertilizer is best-suited to their lawns.

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