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Oct 18, 2020Garden

According to the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, soil pH indicates the acidity of alkalinity in soil. Soil pH can be used to learn various things about soil properties, and can be most accurately measured using a pH meter. A less accurate, though still reliable way to measure soil pH is to use a pH kit that employs dyes. Such kits require soil samples, which homeowners will then saturate with dye. Dyes change color, and the colors that appear will indicate to homeowners whether the soil pH has increased or decreased. Soil pH can vary on the same lawn, so homeowners who want to get an accurate determination of the soil pH levels on their properties may want to gather samples from various areas of the yard. The scale to measure soil pH runs from 0 to 14, and as numbers decrease from 7, the acidity of soil gets higher, while the alkalinity of soil increases as numbers increase from 7. Soil pH levels typically range from 3 to 10, though most plants thrive in slightly acidic soil (pH levels between 6 and 7) that provides ample access to many nutrients.

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