A spring craft combining fantasy and fun

Oct 14, 2020Garden

Spring is a season of rebirth marked by flowers pushing through the soil and tender green leaf buds appearing on trees.

As adults begin tinkering in their gardens and clearing away the vestiges of another winter, children also can get into the spring gardening spirit – with a touch of whimsy mixed in. A fairy garden is the perfect project.

Fairies are mythical beings of romance and folklore that appear in ancient stories passed down by various cultures. Diminutive in size, fairies are often depicted as spiritual or supernatural beings in possession of magical powers who live in close proximity to mortals. Fairies tap into the imaginations of children, who may be enticed by fairies’ mischievous and/or magical attributes. A desire to capture fairies can inspire a great spring crafting project.

Fairy gardens can be constructed in just about any container and make an enchanting addition to a home landscape, patio or child’s bedroom. It’s easy to get started today.

Begin by collecting the materials needed. Materials will vary depending on each individual project, but some good suggestions include:

  • a container, such as a flowerpot, basket, wine barrel, or another vessel that will hold soil
  • potting soil
  • stones, pebbles and glass baubles
  • pea gravel
  • small plants, such as clover, moss and succulents
  • twigs
  • miniature garden accessories and figures

Begin by filling the container with the soil. Then arrange the plants as desired while still in their individual potting containers to get an idea of the layout. When the design is established, use a spoon or small trowel to plant the greenery.

Now is the time when the whimsy can set in. The child can create a fairy home, a garden, walkways, and much more with natural materials. Many craft stores even sell ceramic and plastic fairy furnishings. Gravel and stones can add color and extra appeal. Some peat moss or trailing Spanish moss can serve as the finishing touches.

Once completed, it’s time to wait to see if the fairies will come for a visit.

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